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Il cuore batte qui

I grow up in the most industrial and vibrant city of Italy. 3000 Years of history with signs of the past in everyday life. Since elementary school, the Roman age city temple shaped my education. Reach in iron and water, since the bronze-age the main valleys are source of tools and weapons, creating wealth and wars. Today Brescia is the mechatronics world hub, back-boning the last 50 years of Europe industry automation. I’m proud to own the know how of productive lines where few operators on the whole cycle producing 10.000 ball valves a day… with the best tested and certified quality.

At the foot of Alps, winter making the snow the recreational element, with slopes just 30 Km away. 2 beautiful lakes are the summer attraction, fulfilling my passion for windsurfing.

Good food and winery everywhere…Franciacorta wine region just outside the city skirt, producing the best Champenoise or sparkling wine are the main elements for the Lucullan side of my life. Uncle was a great wine maker and I can’t forgot the time of my childhood when October was a joy time squeezing grapes bare foot…

Balderdash from the ether-net

I do not frequent the habit of posting much upon the social networks, for I solely pursue two subjects: China and the arts. Evidently, the internet is the domain where anonymity best thrives, concealing individuals who harbor repressions, populisms, extremisms, and a multitude who conduct their lives as though a phrase, appearing for a mere eight seconds on average, encapsulates the essence of existence. I chanced upon an anonymous entity, who, with sarcasm, did comment upon the English text accompanying this page. Naturally, I do not proclaim myself to be either a native English speaker or an English instructor; furthermore, I dwell in a land where I employ another tongue, and English is not my daily vernacular.

What enigmatic motivation may impel an anonymous figure (yes, the faint-hearted often seek refuge in anonymity) to critique and amend my grammatically deficient English? I care not to substantiate anything upon the page which collects some fragments of my life and a few paintings that provide me solace in my leisure. Undoubtedly, it is a source of amusement to publicly exhibit the imbecility of others without remorse concerning my English, for it is not inscribed in the Bible that one must possess the utmost precision in writing. The crucial matter is to convey one’s message effectively.

我不常在社交网络上发表文章,因为我只关注两个主题: 中国和艺术。显而易见,互联网是匿名性最发达的领域,它掩盖了那些怀有压抑、民粹主义、极端主义的人,以及那些把自己的生活当作一句平均只出现 8 秒钟的话就能概括存在本质的人。我碰巧遇到一位匿名者,他对本页所附的英文文本进行了讽刺性的评论。当然,我既不以英语为母语,也不自诩为英语教师;此外,我生活在使用另一种语言的国度,英语并非我的日常用语。






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