Why these pages

Be in tune with our days

So, by living today time where everything run, evolve, this website may showcase some of my traits.
I’m not a Millennials… but they drive the new economy so, keep running, up to date and try to be with them.


Following the trends

It was the year 81-82 when did open one of the first windsurf shops in Italy.. was a kinda frick … but for many years was leading the trend.

Beachwear.. flipflop and Oakley… then snowboards… skiing was the old fashion…

When I can, windsurfing and snowboarding, after Lina, are still my greatest pleasures.



…92 was the year of discover the Far-East.. Landing in Hong Kong I’ve got the filling of the real Run for money…

Then China… was a 1 billion greenfield .. almost nothing in Beijing… now?



Now…to ride the industry 4.0, mastering the cloud networking, knowing the digital data flow, be ready to talks with robots…are basic competences for be a good business leader.


Last but not least, branding.

Yes, branding me because today the world is all run by marketing.


Where I’m

Jinan City.  Shandong province, China.

This city is still that part of China that has remained livable, not a mega-metropolis, but still the capital of Shandong province. Many universities, ‘ airport at half an hour from home and fast train that takes you to Beijing in less than 2 hours or Shanghai in 4 hours. Many places where you can easily spend money in shops like Montenapoleaone in Milan or Champs Elisee in Paris.

Except for the lamb barbeque, the local cuisine will not leave any memories.. Very few places worthy of a Saturday night of treats. Luckily, Beijing is a close distance week end.

Interesting the fact that it’s a city with remnants of civilization for over 4000 years. We, westerners, are proud of the Greeks and Romans … but here … 4000 years ago they produced thin ceramic jars 1 mm thickness.

During the civil war, or rather in the end, in 1950 most of the national thesaures were stolen by nationalist troops and now exposed in Taipei. During the civil war, or rather in the end, in 1950 most of the national treasures were stolen by nationalist troops and now exposed in Taipei. “The National Palace Museum” In my opinion, the most beautiful Museum of Chinese art and culture.. To be seen!

Jinan, however, will remain in the history of the family, Lina, my daughter, was born here.. And in the place where you are born.. It often happens that you can also return…

Where I came from


I grow up in the most industrial and vibrant city of Northern part of Italy. 3000 Years of history with signs of the past in everyday life.

Since elementary school, the Roman age city temple shaped my education. Reach in iron and water, since the bronze-age the main valleys are source of tools and weapons, creating wealth and wars.

Today Brescia is the mechatronics world hub, back-boning the last 50 years of Europe’s industry automation. I’m proud to own the management know how of my homeland backbone industry.

At the foot of Alps, winter making the snow the recreational element, with slopes just 30 Km away. 2 beautiful and windy lakes, jus 25 Km east and west, are the summer attraction, fulfilling my passion for windsurfing.

Good food and winery everywhere…Franciacorta wine region just outside the city skirt, producing the best Champenoise or sparkling wine are the main elements for the Epicurean side of my life. Uncle was a great wine maker and I can’t forget the time of my childhood when October was a joy time squeezing grapes bare foot…